Cornerstones Of A Righteous Tomb

parkartworkAs specific as our lives may be individually,
Together, all logic seems to escape,
With the taste of failures hard to believe really,
How we wish we could visit memories that we make.

It sounds so obvious when we flash a smile,
To conditions in our lives that are meant to deceive us,
All we have to do once in a while,
Is revisit our conscience as being true to it is a must.

People have always catered to oppose what we feel,
But that doesn’t mean we stop talking to ourselves,
Not all the injuries life gives us, tends to heal,
The shots fired at our conscience, is carefully placed in our mind’s shelf.

We cry on visiting this world, as we come,
Squabbling out of our mothers womb,
But what we do all our life become,
The cornerstones of a righteous tomb.

– Mudeet Arora

About Mudeet:
Mudeet is someone who has always considered written words as the most inexhaustible source of energy that exist in our beautiful, yet confusing world. He believes that whatever is damaged by the spoken word, can always be healed with writing. No, he doesn’t consider it as spiritual at all, its something thatgives him the energy to vent out all the good as well as bad inside of him without affecting someone personally and that is why…he writes.


Artwork by Sunga Park.

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