The Galaxy Series

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Moon is just not a celestial body to me. It’s an inspiration. I mean it’s a single body that affects oceans, creates tides just by being itself. Isn’t that fascinating?


The second one is inspired by a drawing which is very famous on the internet. It has two hands, one of them is colored and the other black and white. And the colors are slowly entering the fingertips of the black and white hand. So, this is my version of it. I believe all of us have galaxies in us, and when our other half feels void, this is how we help them.


 Void. Empty. That’s what she thinks she is. But that’s not how I see her. All the scars on her wrists bleed stardust. She plays with stars on her fingernails. She captivates all the tranquility of the abundant space in her beautiful eyes. She is that burning star whom people see from a far and praise about it’s dazzling beauty but do not know about the wrath of thoughts going inside of her mind. She’s a galaxy that I’ll spend my whole life exploring.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

The last one is to inspire all those who feel useless. It’s all in your head, you have the capacity to change things, change your life. All you have to do is realize it.

By Megha Sharma.

About Megha:
Megha Sharma is a 20 year old media student. She believes tea is her soulmate. She is obsessed with painting galaxies and writing about them. But other than that, she paints and writes about other things as well. Oh and in her own words, “Pizza is life.”
You can find her at:


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