Alicia Souza – The illustrator who is winning hearts.

Alicia Souza is a freelance illustrative designer who extracts inspiration from everywhere and everyone. We interviewed her about her creative process, inspirations, and her adorable dog Charlie.

  1. A cliche kick off but something that has been on our minds for far too long – how did you become an illustrator, Alicia?

When I got out of uni, I got my first illustration contract job and I enjoyed it so much, that I made a promise to myself that if I was in the ‘art or design’ field, I would be illustrating. Fast forward to now, I think I’ve stuck to that decision, very stubbornly, through thick and thin.

      2. You have a very distinct, eccentric style, something a lot of creative enthusiasts struggle with. What is your advice to artists who want to evolve their own style?

I would tell artists not to stress about it. It either comes or it doesn’t. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. I didn’t have a ‘style’ till I started illustrating so much that I didn’t have time to explore. This can be bad because if you’re known for a style, you get called on (or NOT called on) specifically for it. If you don’t, the range of briefs you can fulfill are a lot more.

       3. What are your sources of inspiration, where do you get them from?

Everything and everyone and everywhere.

        4. Do you have any specific pieces of art or illustration you ADORE? Or a favorite piece of illustration you have created?

I definitely don’t have a favourite piece of work that I’ve created.
I like a lot of stuff from a lot of artists.

        5. One memory in your career of illustrating that will forever be imprinted in your mind?

When I was aware that I was making a living out of it.

        6. Can you please tell us more about your adorable dog, ball of fluff, Charlie?

He’s my little muse, my ball of perfection.
I wrote a bit about his adoption and him in general recently:

        7. Do you have any advice for student artists who feel passionately about their art and want to be published?

Keep the passion alive, work hard, and get your daily dose of sleep and happy.

Alicia has spread her love for illustrations by sharing it with the world. You can check out her Instagram for daily doses of whimsical art and her website for an array of wonderful products. 


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