The Artist


I wish I could create a body worthy
of art: flesh folded around supple bones,
tumbling out of a chest that heaves to
the sound of morning sun, hair that falls
like rivers waiting to meet the sea, eyes
glistening like clouds made of thunder,
not gentle, drizzling rain, and lips carved
out of countless laughs and grimaces, all
folded up and parceled into a neat package
built of every sight and every scar that that
body has ever touched

I wish I could create a mind worthy
of art: shadows and fissured streams of
golden, honeyed evening light piercing
through skull and skin, words adorned upon
walls that could never crumble, somehow,
a mess of facades all wrapped up and tangled
into each other, reflections weaving in and
out of sight faster than a thought comes into
existence, fleeting sights made of crisp, white
paper and ink smudged upon things pretending
to be untouched, unmarred skin

I wish I could create a person worthy
of art: grace perfected, bones that live to
hold up a being that is proud to be alive,
and thoughts cluttered with things that are
worth a little more and hurt a little less
than words that shouldn’t have ever been heard;
curling fingers grasping things that are so
fleetingly escaping every second, an existence
worth more than silent scribbles and things
said to blank walls, an existence that moves
mountains with a single sigh and creates
tremors that won’t ever die – an existence
that not only exists, but is alive

I wish I could create an existence worthy
of art

I wish I could be worthy of a r t

By Umang Kalra

About Umang:
Umang Kalra is a nineteen-year-old museum enthusiast, obsessive reader, procrastinator, airport lover, art nerd, and travel addict. She is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in History from Trinity College, Dublin.You can view her writing on her Instagram, blog, and her Youtube

Umang Kalra - photograph.jpg

Artwork by Stev’nn Hall.

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