A day in the life of a South Indian

More often than I can remember, I’ve been subject to certain stereotypes and prejudiced manner of judgement/thinking simply because I’m a South Indian. Not to say that some of them aren’t true, they are. That’s how a stereotype is formed. However, most are extremely exaggerated, and obviously don’t apply to every South Indian.


Here we see a “South Indian” having breakfast, big banana leaf full of a dozen idlis, a “Nethi”(the tika on his head), a vest and a veshti (dhoti). Obviously, along with it is a big bowl of sambar.
Because, you know. Every South Indian is like this. Apparently.


Seen from the perspective of a coworker, here we see the South Indian in office during lunch time, with the nethi(tika) and when the time comes he opens his lunchbox to reveal….idlis! Because apparently that’s all we eat. Right?


It’s chai (tea) time. Here we see the South Indian with his colleague, wearing a formal shirt and….a dhoti? Because of course, a South Indian always, always wears a dhoti. Accompanying it is the obvious tika. We see the colleague having a regular cutting chai, but the South Indian is having it from….a casket? What?
Hey wait. Aren’t all South Indians chindi (cheap)? They carry all the food they need from home right? That explains it! Hah! Cracked it.


It’s dinner time, and the South Indian and his colleague have gone out for dinner. The colleague is munching on food bought from the restaurant, but the South Indian already got his food from home. Which was….idlis? Again? Really? Jeez dude, chill out in life a little.


It’s dessert time, and the South Indian, late at night, decides to have a snack. He opens his fridge, and removes an…idli on an ice cream stick. It is, an Idli Popsicle.
Of course, every South Indian has idli for every meal, so it’s only obvious that even DESSERT is idli. Right?

By Keshav Gopalan

About Keshav:

Keshav is a photography enthusiast, an occasional writer, an avid sports fan, among other things. Whenever he isn’t procrastinating through life, he’s busy being a pretentious snob and trying to humour himself and the people around him.
You can find him at:


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