Dreams and Desires


I want to go to the beach as the sun begins to rise and feel the breeze upon my skin,
And feel my spirit bursting and soaring with joy within.
I want to hear the gentle, yearning waves softly lapping at the shore,
Reluctantly receding but always coming for more.
I want to gaze at the Sun, who with its golden rays spreads life and light,
I want to sit with the golden sand between my toes as the day gives way to night.
I want to go to a quaint café in the shivering cold,
With a warm cup of coffee in one hand and in the other a book to hold,
I want to go off the well-trodden path and venture the unknown.
Make mistakes but have no regrets for which to atone,
I want to feel adrenaline pumping through my blood as I jump from planes and plummet towards the Earth,
I want warmth and comfort and home and hearth.
I want to sit around with strangers sharing stories by the camp fire,
I want breathe my passions, fuel my dreams and achieve my desires.

By Parth Lakhani

About Parth:
Parth Lakhani lives in Bangalore, India. He spends his days reading and writing and at night he prowls the streets preventing crime as Batman. You can read more of his work on his blog here. 


Artwork by Alexandra Kern 

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