If Hope Were A Person.


If hope were a person,
you’d expect her face
to be serene – not
pretty – serene,
with eyes that show you
the world you’ve
yet to discover,
with that infectious
laughter which
reminds you
not to exist,
but to live,
to live happy.
If hope were a person,
you’d expect her
fist to always be
for she promises
you things she
herself isn’t sure of,
and holds your
hand every time you
wander away to
guide you back
to the lights you call
If hope were a person,
you’d expect his
skeleton to be
not made of calcium
but of concrete,
for he is the one
you lean on when
you’re high on
wine and
he’s the one who
holds you when
you’re low on
If hope were a person,
he wouldn’t need
a cure or a person
or a fantasy to be
for he will be safe
By Kruthi Onteddu

About Kruthi:
Kruthi Onteddu is a sixteen year old cheesecake and retail therapy enthusiast who believes poetry is the truth in it’s Sunday clothes. She is a student who hails from the city of lakes, Bhopal. You can view her work on her blog and her Instagram handle @ohkayie. 
2017-03-12 05.06.12 1.jpg
Artwork by Sam Bailey 

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