Of all time

Music. When we listen to music that is simple and soulful, it can change the way we look at things. It can turn your day upside down. That’s how powerful it is & how we know it to be. The problem with the kind of music we listen to in today’s times, is that our liking towards a particular song is based upon its popularity which is again based on certain factors like the artist and how many followers they have on Instagram or
its featured video. What ever happened to real music, to the classics of Frank Sinatra, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, ABBA, Stevie Wonder.  What’s more beautiful is that these songs never had a visual to begin with. We heard them with no visual in mind. They gave us room to imagine whatever we wanted them to look like. This is my attempt to illustrate classics from the 70’s, the kind of music that makes me feel like I live it each & every time I listen to it.
Medium: Photoshop
ELECTIVE (1).jpg
1. Bob Dylan – Blowin’ in the wind
ELECTIVE (2).jpg
2. John Lennon – Imagine
3. The Beatles – Lucy in the sky with diamonds
4. ABBA – Slipping through my fingers
 5. Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven
6. Frank Sinatra – Strangers in the night
7. Frank Sinatra – The way you look tonight
8. The Beatles – Yellow Submarine
By Sneha Dasgupta
About Sneha:

When she’s not busy naming fruits ‘bob’ and talking to stray dogs, Sneha is an Illustrator and Visual Artist based out of Mumbai. With a penchant for illustrating, she draws to invoke, not to define.  While her mind takes her to unseen worlds, her hand spins her fantasies into reality, showing people the inside of her head, which by the looks of it seems like quite a happy place. Open to and skilled at varied mediums, her illustrations adorn the pages right from books to blogs.


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