Sea You Soon

Life began in the sea.. I was very fortunate enough to be a part of it at a very young age.
Because of this exposure, I have a very deep seated love for travelling.
These illustrations represent a part of my childhood and some of the best memories that I will always cherish.
Medium: Ink
By Radhika Sivsankar
About Radhika:
Radhika Sivsankar is a final year design student from Sophia Polytechnic. She is an illustrator and visual artist based out of Mumbai. Of all the various courses that they were taught to an Applied Art student, illustration stood out the most to her. She believes in the ability to express oneself and convey one’s emotions and thoughts using simple yet elegant artwork. This is one of the most beautiful and at the same time, challenging tasks to do. Illustration let’s you explore every style of art until you discover your very own style. She’s always open to learning and gaining more knowledge and putting her imagination and her creativity to test. She has always welcomed a new challenge or project and added her own personal touch to spruce it up. Her illustrations are inspired from everything she sees around her. The creativity with which every artist showcase their perspective of the world and help people see it through their eyes is what made her fall in love with art.

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