Space Oddity

Two things which I have always been inexplicably drawn to are spaces and space. They have so much in common. We humans love exploring both of them.

We are constantly looking for things that make our dull little lives more exciting, and the way we experience things is the most important way in which we can shape our perspectives and change the way we see everything.

And maybe, sometimes, all we need to do is look up.



IMG_20170303_144133 (2).jpg



By Maithri Shankar
About Maithri:
Maithri Shankar is an architecture student currently based in Bangalore. She likes daydreaming, cinema, photography, food, and practically anything that’s extraordinarily ordinary. She knows that you can be anything you want to be, but she’s trying her best to be everything she wants to be. Until she figures out how to do that, she’s just keeping on keeping on.
 Facebook: Maithri Shankar
 Instagram: @maithri.shankar

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