There’s a Line


As we step into this world,

our real colours we unfurl.

Everyone wants the charm,

some through hardwork, some through harm.

Competition is all we see,

brotherhood is no longer the key.

Getting there we might just forget,

what was the reason for us to get set.

Theres a thin line, a really thin line,

beyond which nothing is close to fine.

On one side we call it need,

but who knows when we’re on the side of greed.

We sometimes call out saying its a want,

internally, it is all a deliberate taunt.

We call it aim, aspiration, ambition,

but we want to achieve it by being someones inhibition.

Mighty please, we call it a neccessity,

we become hesitant of our own ability.

We yet want it, really really bad,

we try new methods half hopes clad.

Humans are lethal, they never learnt to give up,

rather the lives of others they suck up.

When love, acceptance and help are put aside,

they use revenge, hatred and jelousy to their stride.

To reach their own want,

the lives of others they haunt.

The creator then recalls,

there’s a line,

a really thin line.

Whether it is want or greed,

to understand or pay no heed.

Win or conquer,

let go or surrender

We humans dont know how to live at ease,

all we want to do is seize.

Someones happiness,

someones cash and kind.

In order to to please our own guilty mind,

they once said, man is gods greatest creation.

But little did they say, that he is foremost when it comes to destruction.

His thirst never ends,

to rules he never bends.

The law is made by him,

but he ignores it like the thin useless skim.

Such wins are temporal,

they last no long.

And when gone,

humans once more recall.

Merrily Merrily he says to thee,

there’s a line,

a really thin line.

Between stealing victory,

and owning one.

Between attacking a heart,

and winning it via ones genuine art.

In being a gem rather than acquiring one,

in being a human and someday perhaps, becoming one.

By Nischay Pritamani

About Nischay:
Nischay Pritamani, a student from Bombay discovered that poetry is the medium through which one can express the unspoken. It is his spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings and personal experiences that invigorate him to put across his prospect. 



Artwork by Norris Yim Yi Nok.

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