Two Groups, One Cluster

Note: I’d love for the reader to take a look at the painting and have a personal interpretation of it before he/ she continues to read mine. 🙂


Through several books and movies, we have been taught that love shared between two people, often romantic, is what we call two bodies and one soul. Streams of thoughts on local trains and smoky city nights have made me realise that these unisons need not happen in such a magnified manner with tags.
I have depicted the coming together of 2 completely different galaxies, commonly known as people, and metaphorised that ‘click’ with a constellation shared between the two of them. This constellation, for me, might be one meaningful conversation, or a classic similarity in thoughts, perhaps personalities. It’s just that something that makes everything about that moment and person so fluid and so genuine; a body of information greeted and returned between a blue and a pink.
So here I present to you a conversation, a relationship, an emotion, a click, a swish and magic.
By Namrata Iyer
About Namrata:
Namrata Iyer is a Fashion student studying in Mumbai. She constantly finds herself jumping in and out of art, theatre, photography, dance and perhaps a little bit of writing to please the mind. Other than that, you’ll catch her making typos on text and even in person. 
You can find her work here:
Blog on an unfortunate domain:
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