Traffic Jam


In between the blinking reality and the cacophonous curses,
a palpable temper massages a temple.
Some shuffle two anxious feet; a rhythm duplicated by many in rotation.
A certain melody can be heard in the distance, winds carry the tune to mellow moods perturbed by the sudden halt in routine.
Some frantically fiddle with a rebellious strand of hair that must have escaped a careless knot,
while some stifle an exhausted yawn.
The clock mocks the frequent glances that try to find solace in-between the fragmented breathing and the distributed pit stops.
Soon, the mayhem dissipates as red turns to green;
reveries merge into realities; respite rolls back into routine.
Life chugs along.
Yet one can still catch the periodic glimpses of the disappearing faces, a certain yearning visible in the passing gaze,
is it the halt they aspire or the numbing speed that blurs the frames that often capture an incomplete song?

By Chhaya Dabas

About Chhaya:

Chhaya is a storyteller from Delhi​She is a graduate from IP College for Women, Delhi University. She is the founder of Baatein- an online creative and poetic content creation platform and a budding initiative to deconstruct poetry and weave it into regular conversations. She is also a part time teacher;​ a freelance writer; an entrepreneur;​ a ​travel enthusiast;​ a social activist​;​ and and an aspiring novelist. She for the past one year had been working on a number of projects and is nowwill pursuing her masters​ from Kin​g’​s College London​ having acceptances from Yes Foundation Media for Social Change fellowship and The Young India Fellowship as well. She has shared this love for words on many platforms like Global Entrepreneurship Week, I Can India, Indian Youth Festival, Under 25 Summit, Scoopwhoop, Tell Me Your Story, She The People TV, Sheroes, Du Beat etc. and have been interviewed by ANI India, BBC, Yahoo News, Her Saga and have been invited as a judge, a panelist and a speaker by Miranda House college, IP College for Women, Smash Project and Smile Foundation.
You can find her on-

Photograph by Masashi Wakui.


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