Medicine be thy food

Simrat worked hard the past year on this very scrumptious and life like artwork. By doing so intermingling her love for food and art. 

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

I certainly believe in these words. Food can be the most satisfying thing in this world. The aroma of that juicy pepproni, the satiating sound when you cut into that medium-rare steak and the sweetness of those raspberries and blueberries combined with tender pancakes can make anybody the happiest person on earth.
Simplicity beaded with gems is the function of food. It gives no heebie jeebies, no drama, no illness.
All it gives is a mouthwatering symptom that makes one feel alive.


image3.JPGBy Simrat Cheema

About Simrat:
Simrat Cheema, is a 19 year old self taught artist who lives in Chandigarh. She believes that there is no formula to art; anybody and everybody can paint. She thinks that the beauty of art is that it never lies; ‘kun-faya-kun, it is what it is’. She admires the work of Tjalf Spaarnay, a Dutch (mega realistic) artist who through the means of art brings food to life.

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