Fault lines


I felt a crack spread

from the h o l l o w

                                  of my chest

to the little puddle of nothingness

that rests in my throat,






seeping through the breaks in my skin,

      s p  r   e    a     d      i       n        g

like milk clouding in tea, flowers blooming

upon my skin, tracing the patterns of your

fingertips, s l o w, fast, so





against my neck, smudged memories

staining every inch

                                    of me

By Umang Kalra

About Umang:
Umang Kalra is an nineteen-year-old museum enthusiast, obsessive reader, procrastinator, airport lover, art nerd, and travel addict. She is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in History from Trinity College, Dublin. You can view her writing at the following links: https://www.instagram.com/woodlandwinds_/ , https://cobblestonedstreets.wordpress.com/ , https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrls4_mvJzNl–PUEr5t01w

Umang Kalra - photograph

Embroidery by Juana Gomez.

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