The first red moon


It was sobering finding out

getting to know   that things were better

before the night of the red moon


when you became nothing but a line on my palm

when you dug an indent into each hand


endlessly plagarised words drank

from each other’s glasses

battering the man

resting in a sepulchre of dust

on our settee bleeding hangnails &

peeled back skin from labouring hands

that got tangled between my hairs


things were better before that night, when

I found out you had been taken

by the currents long before I was around

columbarium at sea, where

those years cannot

simply be dug out

let them pass through your teeth

as words from my cup,

babe of devitalised beauty

as the stars eaten away

by the landing lights of aeroplanes;

we are in the same dark

shoulder to shoulder

By Sadia Pineda

About Sadia:
Sadia Pineda Hameed is an artist based in Cardiff, whose literary interests include deconstructionism and post-modern poetry. Her other preoccupations include making short films and oil painting. She currently co-edits Lumin Journal, and has previously been published in Creu, Porridge Magazine and Tŷ Celf.


sadia pineda hameed picture

Artwork by Caroline Hadilaksono.

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