Fusion Haze


Oceans of fantasy – Of all the waves, one wave and another wave, green sea, I chose only the one wave, the indivisible wave of your body. I chose only your savage heart and your love, darkly in my body leaves the dense fragrance that rises from the wave.


Wisdom’s Call – Awakening with the promise of each day, through wisdom she gracefully recognises the true gift of life and her potential for unwrapping many layers of who she is and what she has to experience. She finds wisdom as she cherished long life on her right shoulder and in her left, riches and honour.


Shimmer of Hope – Her golden face kisses the green meadows and building pale streams with heavenly alchemy. She flatters the mountain tops with sovereign eye and with no disdain she believes, leaving no stain, Heaven’s sun will shine early in the morning.


Luminous thoughts – She unleashes the lightning beneath the whole heaven and sends it to the ends of the earth.The roaring ferocity of the thunder and dark blue clouds gives her the strength for the better, because darkness is seldom eternal.

By Rohini Chatterjee

About Rohini:
As a final year engineering student of Delhi Technological University, Rohini wants her artwork to take people to another realm where anything is possible. She calls her art abstract surrealism. She uses a lot of colours to create a dreamy atmosphere where the animals are used as mere symbols. She paints women because she wants the viewers to feel connected and become a part of it. Her painting process starts with a loose sketch of her imagination and then painting it in layers using gouache, the oldest watercolour medium. To view more of her artwork :


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