Twenty Seventeen

A series of stories from the readers – of the things and places that told their year’s tale.

3rd November 2017. Wadala, Mumbai.                                                                     Kathan Shah

IMG_20171222_221318_355 - Kathan Shah.jpg

Bombay locals are the heartbeat of the city. This picture was clicked at the Wadala Road Railway Station in Mumbai. Just another common Shoe polish stand for everyone, other than the one who owns it. In the stand, he sees survival.

My bed

346943CA-A508-45C3-A666-8BF9E5F2B09B - Varad Godase

Midnight thoughts. Serene and calm. Finally after struggling to fit into university life, and struggling to accept who I am, I found peace. I found peace amongst the common corridor of my college. This place means a lot to me, not just because I can hang out with friends here, but because the walls of the corridor told me stories of people, who are so nice and warm hearted that I can finally call them mine.

Chai cafe, Pune

Screenshot_20171224-221230_01 - Manvee Bhansali.jpg

After being really confused about my feelings for a while, it was this place where it all got sorted out.


Screenshot_20171225-174209 - Anirudh Iyer.png

Words do not (and never really can) describe the cathartic experience that music is. This playlist of my favourite (surprisingly, all British) artists made my year, day by day:

Mumbai                                                                                                                                          Rutvi

IMG_20171110_101309 - Rutvi Mehta.jpg

in this rigmarole of continued existence on symbiosis road:

there are far too many useless cores,

far too many people to please,

but the key to spending sixteen hours on one floor

is only to find a place to sit in peace

11 pm, my bed                                                                                                                            Amina

IMG_20171201_175212 - Evelyn Morris.jpg

This picture was taken when I took my cousin to Colaba to show her around since she is not from here. It reminded me that Bombay always leaves me in awe, and the familiarity makes me proud. This city is beautiful and there is always something that you could stare at for hours, even if it’s just a road bustling with people. An integral part of my life – home. Bombay.

Featured Image by Unknown.

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