Trash AF



And before you call me a weak woman, you will bring me a strong woman.
Take this butchering knife and cut for me the skin of a strong woman.
Dress me in the skin of a strong woman.
Bury me in the skin of a strong woman.
Do you like it?
Do you like the way her skin slides over mine?
Ashes to ashes.
Dust to dust.
Weak woman to a weak disguise.
I will not give you a weak disguise.
I will only warn you once:
The image of weakness isn’t always a whimpering woman, kohl smudged beneath her eyes, her lips quivering for help.
Sometimes it’s a she-wolf , snarling at her own reflection, her canines dripping with the blood and flesh of your so-called strong women.
Don’t get it wrong.
I have clawed enough mirrors trying to destroy the ghost on the other side.
And I’m still here, bitch.
– Tanushree Baijal 
“Look at you son, you have a great body…. broad shoulders, big arms, big legs, heavy chested, a good beard. You are the tallest in the family for gods sake. How can it be that you are…. that you feel nothing for women?”

Model and author : Animesh Animesh
Drafting an apology.
on my thirteenth birthday
my body and mind separated
into two entities, both furious
and grief-striken by the disunion
and I cried in the shower
for the very first time
and as my salty anger
dribbled down my naked
body I realized
there was no difference
between my tears and the water
and my severed identity
ached to feel an attachment
like that
when your body and mind
divorce on uneasy terms
you can feel the nearness
and the distance of having
a body, I have spent nearly
a decade depending on
the opinions of others
letting them decide if
I am beautiful, it took a lover
three fucking years to
completely have me believe
I am beautiful, it took
another person tasting my skin
and falling in love with my
bones to make me love my body,
in his company only
of course —
Author and model: Priyanka Sutaria
Poem by Sean Arturo Last.
Because I love this.
I love falling in love with you and him and her and me,
I love your smiles and laughter, your fears and dreams, your deepest and darkest fantasies that you tell me about right after we’ve fucked all night long.
Is this what being a slut is?
I love finding each one of you. 
All of you fascinating stories, all of you beautiful tales,
Each one of you are so different from each other, so imperfectly unique.
Is this what being a slut is?
I love the sex, I love the pleasure we find together.
Your joys and ambitions, hidden insecurities all come out with so much honesty when you’re naked.
This inner ugly beautiful you, I love.
Is this what being a slut is?
If so, I think I love being one.
– Prachi Kulkarni 
Does it disappoint you that I’m a slut and yet I wouldn’t fuck you?
“Do you have any idea of why someone like me would be so judgmental about what you did? That’s because what you did was absolutely trashy.

You do understand that all his friends now know how easy you are right? And that he may not text or call you ever again? Or only when he’s horny.
I don’t understand how you fail to see that you’ve become an xyz girl for him and his friends?
You can argue all you want and call me trashy as well. But I do tend to be friends with women who are not. So if I’m trashy and you’re trashy by the same scale of judgement, then maybe we should stop talking.”

By Saakshi Rajpurkar

About Saakshi:

TrAF happened because a really silly man thought it would be smart to piss off a girl below five feet. The thing about women that tiny is that they’re basically the Hulk. They’re so small, they’re angry, and they’re so angry, then can bring the sky down.

And that’s exactly the kind of girl she is. She’s fire through and through with the tiniest bit of childlike mannerisms, the people skills of a rich socialite, and the colours of the whole goddamn rainbow on her head. In short, she’s a 20 year old hothead, with the body of a 6th grader and the personality of a very old, but still pissed Amitabh Bachhan.

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