//you kissed me//

we met at a graveyard
ironical, because we were two steps away from burying ourselves before we became each other’s tombstone

//through a haze of lights//

you’ve always been the brighter one, the one who looks like a timeline of fairylights
i couldn’t really see through it all

//and i stood stunned//

i never could stand on my own two feet, it’s a childhood defect, my feet are too weak to take the weight of my two shoulders,
you made me hope maybe my shoulders will be on someone else’s shoulders now

//as the background swallowed us whole//

when i go to the graveyard these days, i can almost feel you biting at my jaw
leaving behind marks that will be engraved on my stone

By Prithiva Sharma.

About Prithiva:
Prithiva Sharma is a nineteen year old student from India currently studying English Literature. She is a big procrastinator, and spends her time writing poetry instead of assignments. Her work has previously been published in online magazines like Germ and Brown Girl Magazine. She has upcoming pieces in Poethead and is part of an anthology by Brown Girl Magazine. You can find more of her work at instgram/prithivaaa.


Artwork by Perci Chen.

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