Shrouded by glacial cold
The shadows clinging to my fingers
Like roots intertwined in soil
They don’t let me
I can’t breathe.
This darkness
It’s pushing me down
It’s tearing me up
I can’t move
I can’t breathe.
Silently steaming
Like a candle snuffed out
I suffer in smouldering pain
Choking from my own expectations
I can’t breathe.
I fling my arms
Desparate to break through
The anxiety sticking to my shoulders
I struggle
I have to break free
Yet I can’t breathe
And I fall like
Lucifer from the pearly gates.
As I stream down the sky
Like a falling star
All that hits me
Is not the pain in my body
From where my wings were ripped out
All I can feel
When the wind whips around me
Unhelpful to my plument to earth
Is that
I can’t breathe.
By Shuchi Mishra.
About Shuchi:
Shuchi Mishra is a 16 year old brown girl with very colourful dreams. She is currently situated on Bangalore, where you can always spot her in a crowd as she’s never seen without wearing the biggest smile and the pinkest clothes. She started writing when she was 13, progressing from paragraphs, to poems, to epitaphs and more. She writes about mental illnesses, social evils and various other issues in the society surrounding her. Her biggest fear would be having an incompetent vocabulary, which is why she spends all her free time studying different languages and even different dictionaries! 
Snapchat-91627691 (1)

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