Bridging Gen X and Gen Z



They are living more independently than any time in recent memory

Because that turns out to be a  good coping strategy
But why cope? Why not live and let live?
3 rooms in one house, still divided at what cost?
Working, such a time waste said one,
But I had a good time, what fun!
Men may come and men may go, why should this last forever?
Skirts? No. Slut, whore is the common cry,
Contradiction comes flying. Honey, don’t shy away from public eyes.
Everlasting Disagreement, hence dissolution  is still prevalent !
Mind your own business please, shouts my mind
Still intruding , always spying.
For men may come and men may go, why should this live forever?
Our times were better said one, interjection followed suit with, ‘grow up with times Hun’.
If both are too grown to let go,
Can’t we simply let everyone feel free? No?
My son must only tend to my needs said one.
No, shouted another, I have already called shotgun.
Are we to believe that baby boomers and millennials can’t bridge
a gap so huge, even harry couldn’t catch a snitch.
If yolo is something  gen X doesn’t knows the full form to
but then why make fun when you are as clueless about the Beatles band members, no more yahoo?
Family cleaving, read the headlines.
Still some said that they aren’t reading between the lines.
This is a serious problem, though nothing that can’t be solved,
let us change the answer to ‘after all this time’. Because haven’t we evolved?
Live and let live should be the key, comfortable coexistence with a growing family tree.
Because who wishes to live in 21st century without serenity?
By Vaishnavi Sharma.
About Vaishnavi:
Vaishnavi Sharma is a usual eighteen-year-old who stays in Delhi and is constantly struggling to balance her love for science and literature. She discovered her own utopia in reading and writing. You will on most days find her sleep deprived and confused. Ever since she remembers, she has possessed a penchant for writing and a fierce passion for language and reading among many other things. To her, knowledge is her opium and she wishes to acquire as much of it as humanly possible.
IMG-20170611-WA0001 (2)
Artwork by John Harris.

One thought on “Bridging Gen X and Gen Z

  1. i must say great job girl, really impressed by your virtuosos poetic skills.waiting from another one from you .keep up the good work ! cheers


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