walking past the same pavement
every morning I like stealing short
gazes at you and on some days
by the look in your eyes I can say
how you love flowers the shade
of crimson and white on sundays,
that would perfectly decor your
table and add hues to your coffee,
I remember how you put the banana
yellows with bright azures on a
bright monday morning to match
the shades of a clear sky,
I know you like pink on rainy
days and sober roses of every
colour when it’s snowfall,
I know the wrinkled glow on
your face when you arrange a bouquet
out of these contrasting colours,
I know it from the other side of the road
how you hide your shades under the
smell of beautiful daisies or how you
put some of your flowers in between
pages of the books you love the
most and camouflage
and burry your desire to
disappear into
petals again.

By Sejal Jain.

About Sejal:
Sejal Jain is a seventeen-year-old  who completely adores books and libraries in this world of Kindle. She has a great love for ancient architecture and monuments. You can find her clicking flowers, birds and skies on pretty sunny days. 


Artwork by Vincent Van Gogh.

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