A Solitary Exodus


The sailor opened his ravaged cream canvas
The harbor stood impedingly far from sight

Beyond the fading orange gleam and approaching purple haze

Of the drowning winter skyline,

Upon whom the hallowed, salt- crusted, iron gallows dangle
The corpses of an unforgiven past hung like the autumn bloom.
Where men and women not confined to ones own traits
Place their neck by noose and hands by breast.
Echoing final odes of regrets and sorrow.

The sailor gazes upon a static flickering star
Weaved upon heaven’s gentle nightly cloak
A paradise lost to wine and wage
But a true vice that haunts him through the age
Like moonlight that purges ones soul
Illumining love lost and pain realized
This unforgiving lunar scythe –
– Rips across the ocean black, ripples and stains.

He fades away into the liquid void
Looking one for a tide with a better claim
Fording on the same way he began
Alone with no mates nor bait…

By Mrinal Rajeev

About Mrinal:
Mrinal Rajeev is a Student at Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts and works as a Screenwriter and Filmmaker in the Kerala Film Circuit. Other than writing and film Mrinal has a love for travel, cooking, antique shopping and all things retro. Perpetually stuck in the 1960s he is rarely seen in anything but a kurtha and shorts this Neo Hippie loves nothing more than a good cup of chai, an ocean view, Led Zeppelin cranked to eleven and a typewriter all to himself.


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