I Wanted To Be The Man Of The House

I was always very intrigued by this fascination to know details about a person’s moment of realisation of being gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans. So a few months back, when I was asked the very same question, I realised that I had no clear answer. And obviously, that made me wake up and take notice of the void created by that question. Some people remember their big Aha! moment while some don’t. Some describe it as a feeling that has been with them since forever. In the process of sorting through blurry, old memories and trying to over-analyse them, I found the answer in a game that most of us played when we were kids, “Ghar Ghar”. 
So much fun it was to walk around in dad’s oversized shoes, turn mom’s dupatta into a saree and save a teddy with your miniature doctor kit! It always made me feel like a grown up who had a beautiful family and a house and knew a lot of things in life! I don’t know about you guys, but I would always end up playing the boy’s part because I had short hair. And unlike most girls, I didn’t mind playing the husband or the man. 
I was glued to this one observation I made about myself. I wondered if maybe it was this act of pretending to be a grown up and building a family with a partner is something that comes naturally for all kids, queer or straightThe idea of being the man/husband while playing that innocent game of house wasn’t as off-putting for me as it was for most other girls and it definitely wasn’t because I felt like a boy but probably because it meant that I could be the girl’s partner in the story.
This comic is an attempt to offer a different narrative of a story we all loved to enact as kids.
By Priya Dali
About Priya:
I’m a work-in-progress illustrator, a part-time joker and full-time bhukkad. My work mainly revolves around the topics of sex and sexuality as an attempt to demystify and help both, the younger and the older generations, unlearn certain assumptions and prejudices about the same. I often use humour, memories and pop-culture as tools to connect and communicate with my audience.

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