Nikita Rose – On music, inspiration and the city.

We interviewed Nikita on what drew her into the passion for music, thematic implications in her songs and individuality. 


1) What initially inspired you towards music? Was it always a part of your upbringing or did you have a “eureka” moment later on?

 Remember when back in like early 2000’s we used to watch music videos via a pen drive? So back then, my brother got a compilation of 5-6 videos and the ones that stood out the most were “The Scientist” by Coldplay & “In the end” by Linkin Park. When I saw these videos, I just knew I had to do something like that you know? I grew to love Linkin Park to the point where my brother and I used to roleplay as Chester Bennington & Mike Shinoda for every song of Linkin Park we knew! So I would pretty much say that music has inspired me since the very beginning.



2) We know you love to write songs as well. What does that process look like?

 Honestly, I just go with the flow. All the songs I’ve written have been because something affected me to an extent where I HAD to write about it. It’s mostly just self-therapy I would say. Normally when I start off with a song, I compose and write together. This helps in understanding what kind of ambiance the song could have and what is the vibe of the song, you know? Some songs I’ve written in less than an hour& some have taken me days.


3) Any particular inspirations you draw from?

 Almost every artist I listen to inspires me in their own certain way. I don’t have any specific idol that I want to be like (I feel like that makes you less of you and more of a shadow), but I do enjoy listening to the different ways people bring along their own stories. It’s comforting in a very different way.



4) What would you say to someone who’s just beginning to learn an instrument?

 Nothing is more important than patience! I gave up on trying to learn the guitar at least 3-4 times before I actually got down to it oops. Also, it is extremely important to start small. Start just by knowing what the parts of your instrument are, what are the different functions, what are the different styles of playing your instrument& more importantly, what is the best option for you?

5) The music world thrives in a plethora of themes ranging from love to social movements. What theme or meanings do you like to write or sing about?

 As cliché as it sounds, I like to write&sing about things that inspire me. Now, this can range from social movements to love to friendships to behind the scenes of the industry to controversial topics and maybe even my dogs, who knows? I think it’s extremely important to give attention to everything that goes on in your life and to just try your best to better things in your own way.

6) A life surrounded by something you’re passionate about can be wonderful but has music ever felt like work? Have there been times when you’ve had to push yourself to create?

 Oh boy, a lot of times. For the past year and a half, I would say I have pushed myself the MOST for music. I started recording back when I was 15, so when things don’t really work out it gets exhausting. There was a point when I didn’t even think that music is right for me, and there are moments like that even now. I just try to remind myself why I went into music in the first place, you know? How I just want to be able to recreate the same feeling I get every time I listen to a song; the feeling of a hug.


7) Do you think Bombay, as a city, has affected your music in any way?

Bombay has been both good and bad for me. It has given me countless career opportunities but it has also helped me realize how empty most of these opportunities were. It firstly, made me experience how difficult everything actually is. All in all, it has helped me grow in a way that I don’t think would’ve been possible in any other way.


8) Tell us about the rest of you – other than music, what makes you happy? Are there any issues in or outside the music industry that fuel you or enrage you?

I enjoy reading and binge-watching shows!! I also have dance classes pretty much every day that make me extremely happy. When it comes down to issues, if I went on I could pretty much form a list. There are so many issues in the industry itself that I can’t even come down to the issues outside of it. Some of these issues will probably be confronted in one of my songs, who knows.




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