Play of emotions, colours and god

‘I am not a big fan of idol worship but have always been fascinated by the people who make the art and the people who walk the wire there. Their faith, belief, arts, colours, music, sound, love, devotion, have fascinated me ever since I can remember. 
So this wari, I decided to visit the walk for a short while. I’m not exaggerating  when I say, I felt  it, in the air, maybe my bones or I’m not sure except I’m absolutely certain, that I’m going again next year.’ 


By Sejal Gupta

About Sejal:

Awkwardly dancing her way through life, frequently found conversing with animals and dogs in general. An ardent traveller, reader, photographer, artist, writer but mostly freethinker. Loves to combine and weave stories in her own world. An artist, a visionary and an teenage puppy. Loves long walks, healthy and hearty breakfasts ,dogs, puppies, oh did I mention dogs? Also, one of the loudest personalities you will meet. Quite literally. Always welcomes and adores indulging in conversations about with anyone and every person she comes across and holds all these stories close to her heart!

Social media: @sejalgupta_



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