An Edition of ‘Ease’
Menon3.jpgMenon2.jpgAyush describes this series as having “no preconception of what is to be shot, but both Shreya Menon and I were ready to go out fail and learn something. After shooting outside and getting tired we decided to go in a restaurant and eat something. We found this restaurant where there was no electricity, but people were friendly enough to let us shoot there. My cameras battery was about to die and these were the final shots taken that day.”

Despite these images being shot by me, it all belongs to her; It was her energy that drove this shoot. Later we sat in my car and she drew me and everything that reminded her of that day.”

Me by Shreya

Shreya goes to describe this as “it is a little difficult to explain abstractness, that is the easiest way I could explain the whole experience if I had to. There were so many contradicting emotions, some of which I still fail to understand. Ayush said no one will ever be able to capture you the way I did and I think I have to agree with him on this one. It was personal. Coming from a background where I usually am behind the camera or at least a mile away from it, really had an impact I suppose. And that level of comfort had to be created. It was honest.”

About Ayush:

Ayush Agarwal is a filmmaker and photographer based in Mumbai. 

Times when he is not filming, he tends to go out with his friends and shoot them as the subject but when alone, trips on broken cars and mirrors.


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