Life is beautiful, that’s what I believe and every soul has that unique beauty.
Husna means beauty and we are surrounded by beauty.
There is a group of people who love themselves more than anyone else – their beauty lives forever.
They call themselves Hijra but for me they are Husna.
They believe they are beautiful with all their heart though the world disgracefully neglects them.
This how I see their soul, see what they are made of and see how they see the world.
Experiences shared by Hijras with me gave me a deeper understanding to showcase this subject.
I walked into their dreams and came back to reality where things are more unbearably painful than what it seems on the outside.
Their beauty lies within.
By Devdutt Viz
About Devdutt:
Devdutt Viz is an illustrator and art director from India. Drawing since the tender age of 2, he’s grown to be a socially awake artist, inspired by the society and the shifts he witnessed, moving through town, village and city. 
Devdutt’s art takes inspiration from the dynamic human nature, and from people immediately around him. His medium of expression varies to do justice to his vision as he explores different subjects, but he enjoys pen and ink the most. When Devdutt is not making art, he’s listening to music, exploring art from around the world and connecting with new minds. He feels strongly about respecting old-world classics, and learning from what’s been, even while he traverses the realm of the contemporary with an open, experimental mind.


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