‘At Ease’ with Sunlight

An Edition of ‘Ease’

An exploration of one of the simplest things that brings me ease – sunlight. An inventory of sacred moments I’ve found myself caught up in a sun ray. An attempt to reflect upon how I felt in each of these frozen instants.

While exploring lanes of Pune during the second semester of college, this dim alley drew me in towards a colourful market. After a whole semester of trying to adjust to the newness of college, this is the moment I realized that it’s okay to not know what the future holds as long as you know you’re doing your best to explore every alleyway.

After a very busy day of classes and meetings, I got a window of evening sun to myself. It was the golden hour and the orange sky poured itself through the window like an overflowing bucket of warmth. I basked in it as it descended and disappeared.

In the midst of stressing and studying for a test in the library, this geometrical piece of the sun nudged me to look at it. I spent a good ten minutes taking it in and trying to capture a perfect frame.

The week long Diwali break spent at home was a retrospective and reflective time for me but the ease of being at home and this familiar set of rays woke me up every morning with a comforting caress and a warm embrace.

I was a part of a theatre production my college put up. When the practice first began, I was hesitant but a month before the performance, I found myself in the main production, working four hour evenings to make the play happen. This picture was taken outside the auditorium a day before the performance during a run through. As I captured yet another sunrays-patterned-wall, I thought of how I was grateful towards this experience.

For the past month I’ve been waking up early to sit in our backyard, wearing my coziest jumper and sipping coffee, while the rising sun and the winter wind are in perfect harmony.

Flipping through my favourite book in the entire library, in my favourite corner with the perfect serving of sunlight.

It was 4:30 pm after a terrible day. After staying up for my finals, all three of my components didn’t particularly go well. But. The sun was still up in the sky and pouring through the same window. The same warmth made me feel at ease.

By Tanvi Sawant

Tanvi is a nineteen year old student who makes a conscious effort to appreciate the beauty of life. She struggles to divide her limited time between academics, photography, painting, exploring new places and a little (a lot of) day dreaming. You can find her on Instagram by the handle @tanvis2499.

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