Photography / Writing

remission – about recording, reliving and remembering

An Edition of ‘Ease’

it would be wrong to not call this a stream of consciousness because this is exactly what it was, and it was written in one day, when i felt everything. all at once. it was wonderful. i would consider this holding onto that feeling.

i’m always caught
in a flux
of feeling too much
or feeling too less

and somewhere the
lines and spaces blurred.
there was a vast expanse of
colours, sounds, spaces
of pure and complete feeling.

amidst giggles and rushed words
fluid and flowing,
there grew a feeling
clinging on to my veins
refusing to let go.

in hindsight, it is nice to know that
i managed to give away parts of myself
so easily and freely
without any regret,
but only a
little wanting of more.

the process of holding on
tightly to a feeling
and watching it
slip between your fingers
but lingering in every step
you take forward.

there has been a thought looming over my head like
a fluff of hope and such
and although it terrifies me to think
that there is worse to come
it is comforting to know
that even if the sky has not been clear
in a long, long time
there is an overshadowing possibility of
a fluff of hope and such.

the admission of light
in a cold, empty space allows
room for comfort and growth.
the sprouting of something new,
and remission of the ordinary.

By Tanvi Singh

Tanvi Singh is a 19 year old student currently pursuing Liberal Arts. While she’s always been inclined towards art and writing, she never actually manifested any of these interests until now, feeling comfortable sharing her work. In her free time, she’s either on court or out about with her friends. In both cases, trying to discover new things about herself through the world around her. 

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