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Featured art by Gujjarappa Bg

The coloniser’s oppression fractured
The grasp on my mother tongue — a complete mess formulated;
Languages spoken countless
Learnt relearnt and traced to their birthing ground — trans-generational
Words and syllabi exuding soft — honey dew-ish 
Ambrosial nectar churning a web of comfort and homeliness

Yet the coloniser’s language cuts my tongue
— each time
I proclaim it; wielding it — quantifying intelligence
A reminder — a language inherent and innate; 
Was let go — incomplete

And so I long in the mid-void — vagabond search
Scouring — a home re-routing the search for the language of my own
For my body is stretched — vivid directions like the language;

Birthed — an amalgamation 
Sacred consummation 
Of languages I have known— four mine
One — my colonisers 
Now, they drive — a sacrilegious rage.

By Rohang Mishal

Rohang Mishal is a final year university student from Goa pursuing who is passionate about art, poetry, mental health advocacy, social causes and photography. He has written for various online portals such as Livewirein and Newsd.in and also been featured by Instagram in 2018. He also has been published in two anthologies by PlatformforArtists.You can find him ragingly writing emotions or meditatively illustrating on his iPad in his leisure time while passively logging off from the outside world to embrace solitude.

You can find him on his Instagram @paradox7_ illustrating, photographing, writing or sometimes ragingly-awkwardly ranting on his Instagram stories.



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