Brown Tones

the most

The is a self portrait of me at work. All my art have elements/Easter eggs that talk about me. For example the plant here is the plant I was told that I am according to an online quiz. the stickers and props in the background are an insight to who I am.



This illustration features me trying on clothes and pretending that I live in a room inspired by all the interior decoration videos you keep seeing all over social media.



This was purely done because of all the old vintage magazines my mother pulled out.



No matter how much you refresh the news. it does not seem to change. This is the new mundane.



My mum and I spent the latter half of the morning the other day wondering what it would be like if we lived in Goa. She explained to me how we would have a house which had a garden outside her window. She said she could imagine herself looking out in the evenings with her tea in hand. 

By Tabitha Mystica D’Souza

Tabitha Mystica D’Souza is an illustrator and graphic designer from Mumbai. Her quirky style and unique perspective makes her work stand out. She is always trying to find ways to incorporate a sense of humour and wordplay and leaves little easter eggs about herself in all her work. Other than graphic design, she is a fan of films, dogs, soup and is a passionate supporter of all breakfasts cereals.

Instagram handle: @ajourneyllingtabby

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