Chasm – July 2020


Featured Artwork by Kira Issar

New growth can be panoramically different from other phases of life. Chrysalising into a newer semblance of personhood is as painful as the nostalgia of readjusting to a previous life, an entire pathway unknown.

Why are we fascinated with blackholes? Is it because we are exceptionally curious or is it because the lightlessness of the blackhole mirrors our emotional(less) state. Compared to dewy tinkling suns that (un)reflect another transcendental state of mind-scape; of imagination and fulfillment.

What comes to us when we are falling into cycles of unending pain. Do we still chrysalis in the end? With luminescent wings and all? Here, growth can be celebratory and bleak, revelatory yet processing and ultimately infinite. No full-stops— Music echoes the mood of this.

The sounds of this playlist traverse from Contemporary Soul, Indie Pop to Hindustani Classical with tinges of Electronic music. We hope somewhere in the rhythmic continuum of this chasm, you hear parts of your growth.

You can listen to the playlist here (Spotify) or here (YouTube).


1. Liability (Reprise) by Lorde

Album: Melodrama


2. Anyone But Me by Joy Crookes


3. Overwhelmed by Chloe x Halle

Album: Ungodly Hour


4. Juno by Choker

Album: Honeybloom


5. Nobody Likes You by Rudy Mukta

Album: Entropy


6. Rise by Solange

Album: A Seat at the Table


7. Dissolving Boundaries by Anoushka Shankar

Album: Land of Gold


8. Rise by Raaginder

51KbN0f5wwL._SX466_ (1)

9. Rag Marwa, Part 2 by Ustad Ali Akbar Khan

Album: Signature Series Vol.3


10. Bombay Rhapsody by MALFNKTION (ft. Ravam)

Album: Hindustani Rascal

The Long Goodbye_Riz Ahmed

11. Fast Lava by Riz Ahmed

Album: The Long Goodbye


12. Sweet Life by Frank Ocean

Album: Channel Orange


13. The Kids Are Alright by Chloe x Halle

Album: The Kids Are Alright

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