A Journey of the Mind to Nothing-ness

These digital collages revolve around the theme of how we allow the mind to keeps us busy by making our own little universe, with our identities and beliefs, which only leads us away from the existential reality. It is also about our true self which tries to find its voice to guide us to that which matters and that which contains answers to everything – it remains unattended as we are busy making circles around our illusions of right and wrong to birth and death. 


Habits of Mind

A random thought that pops out of nowhere leads to a series of thoughts related to each other and also ends up in making a story that might never happen, but we still allow our mind to go around making rounds around this baseless thought, later becoming the habit of the mind to repeat. 


The Logical Mind

Thinking logical is glorified and shown as the ultimate qualification for being human. The mind being a tool that dissects and analyses the questions can only give answers of what we already know, read or experienced but if we just keep our mind calm and perceive, the way to find the answer is right inside us — rather than a long road of ups and downs. Being human is not just about being logical but our ability to perceive things beyond logic.

Play your music as your soul directs

Play your music as your soul directs

The journey of our life will never feel complete or satisfied by comparing or competing nor with doing more, achieving fast. But it only feels complete if we listen to ourselves and do things that make us our own self to know and find the true meaning. 


One Death

The beauty of living life on this round ball in the middle of nowhere in the fabric of time that moves as we feel, where a minute feels like a day and months feel like few days where no one knows the address of yesterday and where tomorrow is.  The mortality of our being, to die and be unknown forever.

Dance of death

The Dance of Death

The journey of self from one body to another from one life to another, to know it’s own self.

By Alekhya Adla 

To live life without any expectations but a lot of curiosity and willingness to experience the beauty of the unknown, to know more and more about this life and the existential reality is the journey that took the artist to dwell deep into a space where the mind has nothing to say but there were shapes and colours which cannot be expressed through any language, but found it’s way out through pictures. And the collage of them speaks a lot about the answers for the questions that the artist never knew that it existed within her. Being a lover of process rather than the outcome, she found a way that she can surprise herself through art and learn more about herself. Find her on Instagram: @alteredpsyc


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