Over the years I have managed to fill over 9 journals; a testament to my growth and my life experiences. I try not to restrict myself to a specific art style or a medium because for me every medium is a different mode of expression. I started using ball pens because I somehow correlated the difficulties of using this medium to the same in my life.


I feel every art piece is privy to oneself and it is up to us as to how we would like to express life through our eyes. I started illustrating because I wasn’t able to put words to my emotions. My artworks are a reflection of how I view this society; blue and mundane. 

A lot of my pieces involve crowds, the reason for this is my outlook towards society as a lifeless and a continued rat race with people running so fast and so aimlessly that everyone looks the same. 




There is a fear of not knowing my identity in my pieces because I don’t relate to most people around me, I don’t understand how easy it is to turn things black and white because I for one seem to be stuck in a gray area.


I create art every day, penning down even the slightest of the emotions, just to wait for that one day where I can see myself being content with what I have made.

By Akshita Sinha

Akshita Sinha is 19 years old and is currently living in New Delhi, India. You can find her Instagram here and her Behance here.


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