Untext(ed) — November 2020


Featured artwork by Ravi Mandlik

Language has insurmountably guided our ways of seeing, ways of knowing, and ways of hearing. Our subject realities are bound and woven with its yarns – as Nietzsche said, we use language to both conceal and reveal reality. What does it mean, then, to submerge ourselves in the lack of it?
Un-texted music, rhythm without words, the abstract dance of pure melody – removes the stipulation of learning and fluency. It transgresses beyond peripheries, into the universality of humming together, with knowing glances, the lucidity of music alone reaching all of us.

With the warmth and jive of jazz, Indian classical, rock, and electronic, these instrumental tunes carve a vivid corner in our minds and nestle into it. Bereft of the meanings of semantics, their rhythmic vocabulary charges with ripples and waves – through our bodies and our lives.

You can listen to the entire playlist on YouTube or Spotify. 


Candy by Lifafa

Album: Jaago


Le Bracelet by Alain Goraguer

Album: La Planète Sauvage (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


Abusey Junction by KOKOROKO

Album: We Out Here


Breeze by Jiro Inagaki & Soul Media

Album: Funky Stuff


Like It Is – Remastered by Yusef Lateef

Album: The Blue Yusef Lateef

download (1)

Reunion by Anoushka Shankar

Album: Land of Gold


Rise by Raaginder

Album: Rise

a2320043082_10 (1)

Hindustani Rascal by MALFNKTION

Album: Hindustani Rascal


Happiness Deluxe by Vantage

Album: Metro City


Alchemy by Philip Sayce

Album: Peace Machine


Babylonia Wind by Kiyoshi Sugimoto Quintet

Album: Babylonia Wind


Reverie by Claude Debussy & Alain Planes

Album: Debussy – Estampes, Pour le piano, Piano Works


Turiya & Ramakrishna by Alice Coltrane

Album: Ptah, the El Daoud

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