Amidst worn down murals, a bad shepherd’s pie and conversations about dreams, lakes, and swings, swirled a tiny, crackling idea. Inspired by the world of creation and a strive for inclusivity is what came along – Esthesia. By definition, Esthesia is the capacity to feel. To take in everything around you and pour down your discoveries, your translations, and your expressions.

Esthesia Mag has been curated by Manogni Thyagaraja and Anoushka Panda, two nineteen-year-olds striving to foster a platform for expression. We began with an aim to highlight and uplift the brown community and to empower every individual’s narrative.

Be it fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photography, art – whichever way it is that you choose to speak, we would love to hear.

Logo created by the wonderful Ananya Mishra.


Team Esthesia.