Amidst worn down murals, a bad shepherd’s pie and conversations about dreams, lakes, and swings, swirled a tiny, crackling idea. Inspired by the world of creation and a strive for inclusivity which led to an online magazine – Esthesia.

The magazine was started in 2016, by two seventeen year olds, trying to create a space for the absolute diversity in the arts they saw. By definition, Esthesia is the capacity to feel. Keeping this crux in mind, we wanted to consume, curate and share the abundance of culture we as young Indians were designing. Our aim is to nurture an online space for the multitude of voices in new-age India, where inspiration dawns from an intersection in experience.

We would like to propel a space which prompts a critical worldview. The idea of showcasing multiple voices is to question normative beliefs and opinions and expand our own system of thinking through internalising others.

In the previous years, we have welcomed introspective works, embellished through poetry, collages, designs or art. Throughout this period, our archives host experimental art, curated playlists, insightful short stories and photo essays, opinion pieces on cinema and culture and so on. From our pieces interviewing organizations that work on period education to poetry that redefines the friction of being queer, Esthesia is a place of continuous dialogue.

If you would like to submit your work, please read the Submission Guidelines and get in touch with us. Going through our existing archives of Writing, Photography and Art will help you navigate what we look for. Features is where you can read about the individuals and organisations who we have spoken to and deeply care about. Finally, Tunes is where you can head to for our emphatic theme-based playlists.

Be it fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photography, art – whichever way it is that you choose to speak, we would love to hear.

Esthesia Mag is being curated by Manogni Thyagaraja, Anoushka Panda and our wider community.

Logo created by the wonderful Ananya Mishra.


Team Esthesia.