Submission Guidelines

After reading the following guidelines, email us your work at and we will get back to you!

Artwork & Photography:

  • Series and single submissions are both appreciated.
  • Subject line of the email must include the following: Art/Photography – Title of your work
  • Your submission must be accompanied by a title and a few words. Tell us what it means to you, what you want it to mean or what inspired it – indicate something that will help us publish your work!
  • We accept submissions in the following formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .png OR share it on an accessible link (such as google drive, dropbox etc.)


  • Subject line of the email must include the following: Writing – Prose/Poetry/Any indicator of the format of your piece – Title of your work.
  • Requirements: Piece must be a minimum of 100 words. [If desired, can be accompanied by a photograph/artwork with due credits.]
  • Kindly attach your written work in the form of a word document. Please avoid PDFs!
  • Give us haikus, free verse, an internal monologue in the blistering hot shower, the time you got away with seven sketch pens on your dad’s face, the days you want to change the world – absolutely anything.

General Guidelines:

  • We prefer submissions that have not been published elsewhere, with the exception of personal blogs.
  • Allow us a period of two weeks to provide you with a response. If you do not receive one (only after the specified time period), hit us up with a follow-up email!


The theme for this edition of Esthesia is ‘Cinema’. The edition would not include solely film and its formal elements, but also an intertwining of these elements with your life. Here’s what we are looking forward to, we urge you to experiment with it:

  • Mise-en-scene – Deconstruct a set of scenes of your choice or alternatively, deconstruct your surroundings or an event of the past. For the latter, feel free to dabble with words, photos, collages or a mixed-medium approach.
  • Chiaroscuro – Often addressed in mise-en-scene analysis, it refers to the dramatic effect of light and dark i.e. contrasting areas due to light play. Submit your photographs that depict this or alternatively, submit written pieces (poetry or prose, fiction or nonfiction) that incorporate this light play.
  • Animation – Tell us if and how animated films/anime have impacted your growth as an individual and exemplified your personal narrative. Colour schemes, stylisation and language in anime films intent to and evoke a certain mood, how would you describe it?
  • Essays on your chosen piece of cinema or a comparative deconstruction of your pick of films would be highly appreciated as well.
  • The reference folder includes illustrative film posters to academic essays about the impact, process and nature of films and film-making.