Submission Guidelines

After reading the following guidelines, email us your work at and we will get back to you!

Artwork & Photography:

  • Series and single submissions are both appreciated.
  • Subject line of the email must include the following: Art/Photography – Title of your work
  • Your submission must be accompanied by a title and a few words. Tell us what it means to you, what you want it to mean or what inspired it – indicate something that will help us publish your work!
  • We accept submissions in the following formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .png OR share it on an accessible link (such as google drive, dropbox etc.)


  • Subject line of the email must include the following: Writing – Prose/Poetry/Any indicator of the format of your piece – Title of your work.
  • Requirements: Piece must be a minimum of 100 words. [If desired, can be accompanied by a photograph/artwork with due credits.]
  • Kindly attach your written work in the form of a word document. Please avoid PDFs!
  • Give us haikus, free verse, an internal monologue in the blistering hot shower, the time you got away with seven sketch pens on your dad’s face, the days you want to change the world – absolutely anything.

General Guidelines:

  • We prefer submissions that have not been published elsewhere, with the exception of personal blogs.
  • Allow us a period of two weeks to provide you with a response. If you do not receive one (only after the specified time period), hit us up with a follow-up email!


esthesia’s upcoming theme is ‘EASE’ – we’re talking about finding comfort n your
head, the spaces around you and all that links the two.
Here are a few prompts:
– Photograph the places, people or objects (or dig through your existing) that help
you with this sense of ease and write a few words about them!
– Tell us how memories and nostalgia play into your sense of ease in the present &
give us a conscientious account of when you are at ease and when you are not.
What are you doing? Who are you with? What do these relationships signify?
This could be poetry or prose of a fictional or non-fictional narrative.
– Are there any movies, books, songs or artworks that have helped you construct
your individual idea of ease? Tell us about them.
– What are the recurring motifs in your picture of ‘ease’? Draw them – in the form of a
comic or any other medium. How do these motifs vary, both spatially & temporally, if
they do at all?
– For ideas that you have revolving around ‘ease’; those that may not be mentioned
here or a form that hasn’t been published on the magazine before -pitch them to us
through an email.

P.S – We’re continuing the acceptance of submissions outside of the
theme as well, feel free to send in anything you’ve been meaning to!